On health and healing

On health and healing

We all are amazing and endlessly sophisticated structures. All of us are formed within a different vessel which grows within a different time-space that encapsulates infinitely more aspects such as body, culture, context, sensations, forms… This makes all of us a completely unique individuals. Therefor our approach to reality differs as our internal structures are based upon our own experiences. Yet when it comes to healing many misguide themselves that such a complex individual is not the basis of its own creations. And that the external seems to be doing the work for us, as healing many times is placed beyond the self. Sure, we get aid from the external, the medical field, family, friends… but in its essence it still boils down to you. You who heals or not heals, your body that communicates the processes to start and stabilize back to homeostasis. Because in its ideal state, in which the body wants to be, it remains in homeostasis. The seemingly uncontrollable external is equally the path you walk upon, on which life choices you have made. Even if the external tells us what to do, within its core it is the choice of the individual to walk upon it. And of course the seemingly impossible task of getting out of certain situation is not to be swept away by stating “it was your choice”. Such statements simply neglect the oppression and compassion. However, here, within the harshest of conditions the individual has taken the stance within the collective. And by such opened the path towards healing. It is by no means to imply an irresponsibility to the restricted one. But to simply see deeper within the self, that the choice is there. It is important for the mind to know, to get closer to itself and understand that it is a possibility. For otherwise the conditions forced upon one and another are simply to be followed without exception.

Within this magnificent formation of life, between two uttermost contradicting principle as life and death we find infinity. Such goes all the way back to the pre-birth, where we find the seed and egg. And between such two elements lays the infinite possibility. This principle of infinity is the power from which we gain our strength and translate it into force. There is infinite power to be accessed but our translation of it into force is limited by our minds and body. There was once nothingness/everythingness and from such emerges all we are now. From A came B and from these 2 principles an infinity was formed. We are part of this infinity, yet we cannot be limited and infinite at the same time. As we cannot be alive and death at the same time.

Healing is the bringing back of infinite to the finite. As we believe that all healing starts within the mind. And if the mind is limited, the healing is limited to its believer. The changing of minds is however not a simple task as the strenght of thought patterns most of us are used to. It is a deep rooted subject that may not always be in direct access to implement the changes we want. As the natural state is homeostasis, it is through the mind that we deflect from this state. This may be caused by trauma or ignorance. By which we generate by physical infliction or mental stress upon it. The delicate question being if the physical infliction is equally not bound to the mental. It is apparent that we have a tendency to fall more easily into sickness when in stress. And such is a matter that is better to be approached with extreme delicacy because at what point are we capable of taking responsibility for our own hurt. Even when it was inflicted upon us. Even within the deepest of wounds, there’s a necessity, in order to heal, to have the will to heal and step out of the victim role. Which may be the most difficult task in life, but the difference between health or sickness. Which is not to say that we ought to sweep of the injustice. Injustice is still there, but we always correspond from within the self. What has to be done beyond, will in the first place flow from the self. If wounds are not healed, the infliction will be externalized, affecting or rather resonating into a conflicted environment.

There is no proof for such statements made here, because all is either relative or there are processes on a deeper subconscious level. But here, we have as an individual the choice to leave our responsibility either in the external or internal. And there will never be a judge of such, we cannot transcend beyond the senses. So what is the choice? To take responsibility for the mystery we are or decline the mystery and accept the definition we’ve been given? Which is definitely not a an easy question to ask, because we have return all the trust to the self.

There is of course the mystery, which is that we don’t know, we do not truly know how to heal, which is the only fact. For we all would already be healed but maybe the process of healing is not a stable or objective process either. One of the reasons the medical establishment has not reached a “perfect” health. But rather an endless process of evolution. As the body, mind and environment changes there’s an adaptation for healing to occur as well. There are an infinite amount of cases within people, who heal in the most mysterious circumstances. Which occurs within their own context, it being religious, shamanistic, alternative or any other form of unorthodox healing. There are successful examples enough. So would healing be bound to a singular system or an ever expanding range of possibilities. We opt for the latter.

There is however a gross dimension to us which is more or less factual, which is our body. Within this body there are dynamics we are also more less bound to (however strong such bondage may be, we will always position it in its relative form to weaken its chains). Such mechanism we inherited from the natural archetype. As we function very much the same as the animals around us. The most prominent indicator of changing within our sate can be perceived within the breath. There’s no change within the body without the change of this primal element of breath. With every stress indication there’s a change in breathing. Equally without the in out of the breath, life would not be possible. As we said before, we relate all issues to mind. As the mind becomes unstable, the breath equally becomes unstable, which alters the function of the whole body. In nature, animals have no trauma, it is only within captivity that animals develop trauma. Trauma which causes them to stagnate and develop disease within the body. Such is what has happened to the human that trauma has been inflicted within the self through transgression from the “natural” state. Which we do not perceive as a bad consequence but a necessity of evolution. This fixation within the mind leads to irregular breath. While with animals the breath stabilized and only changes at necessary moments. Since we started working within context and manipulation of such context our fear was no longer bound to an external natural treat. But we became our own threat. Where the animal directly deals with fear by the immediate expression of the tension within. Either by direct release through excretion of the stool, shivering, growling, crying… the human does not know how to or cannot release within the moment. Either because of its new way of relating, in that reason has come over instinctual response. As to form meaningful relationships. Or due to incapacity to express such tensions. However, we are still within the body, that of the animal, and tension has to come out one way or the other or it will stagnate within the body. This causes chronic tension, which we would refer to as trauma.

So here we got two aspect, the mystery of healing and the historical position of our ancestors, by which we see that trauma is a deflection from the natural. Animals know how to deal with trauma because it happens instinctual and therefor immediately. Which regulates the breathing into a normal state. There is no hatred in nature for there’s an direct release of it. Humans however cannot follow this pattern anymore if they want to sustain a healthy relation. Society is no longer in the state of a brutal-ism, morals and complex values has taken its place. By which we don’t deal with trauma, which results in tension and irregular breath. Within such a complexity lays the the mystery of healing. In that the context we generated as being the “self” is a complex arrangement of information that is unique to every individual. And here the healing process differs drastically from the wild animal. It is no longer bound to its natural environment. The process of health in the animals is a strong imprinted instinctual process which is supported by its natural environment. Where with the human (or domestic animals), the process remains but the context in which it ought to heal is far from natural. That’s why it’s good idea if a person in trauma or bad health, to bring them back to nature. But the more or lesser their abstraction of the natural may be, the more or less they will find the capacity to heal there. The mode of healing is therefor a very unique process, bound to every individual in a unique sense. There are obviously good techniques and ways of healing. As we said before, many heal to the most seemingly unrelated practices, that is perceived from the outside, yet for within them they may make perfect sense. And it is, within whatever setup the individual makes perfect sense that healing occurs because of its bringing back a trust to the self.

To extend somewhat more upon these seemingly two opposites. One being the objective process of nature and the other being the the context engineered subjective mind. It is within good health, that a mind can truly strive. It is in the first place, the state of the mind, which generates trauma and forms bad health. By deflection of the breath, which leads to deflection from homeostasis. We cannot neglect the information upon we are build and have to equally work with it. Yet we cannot relay to it too much or we are to fall within the dogma which already has been released. In that we do not live in a static universe. This does also not mean that we will simply heal by thought (in essence yes) or that we can neglect the sciences. We are reliant on such informational structures and they cannot simply be transcended (but sometimes they do). It is between harmony (science) and chaos (magick) that we lay in a position of infinite possibility. Limited by the past and unlimited by the future. The modernist is post-modernistic, while the postmodernist is modernistic. Both are in need of each other in order to either not fall into a singular dogma (fact). And on the other hand to not fall within complete chaos (fiction). Which is a love story between the infinite and the finite. The love of self and non-self. The material and the physical. The question being, of how much of a static self we want to keep. As technology and context keeps on expanding, this once so obvious self becomes a liquid form that is no longer bound to a singular idea but an ever changing process (relativity). And within such we can release our trauma, but how much do we truly want release. As it are the solidification of such gross dimension that make us. As we like to eat unhealthy things, knowingly that it may cause of harm. And yet we don’t want to give it up in spite of its consequences. The same we would apply to the physical body and mind. How much do we truly want to transcend of which we call life? If we do not feel the sensation of any pain, how much would we want to sustain life? Pain being within its most subtle process the vibration of any particle.

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