The process of reasoning

The process of reasoning

In a way it doesn’t really make sense to separate aspects of the tree. Because it functions as a whole. From such a perspective there would be no such thing as deduction of anything and we would simply “be”. But as you and I both know, we aren’t. We seek knowledge and understanding that aid us within a system. As long as we operate within a system (which is about all of us). We’ll function by logic operations within it. Even the illogical ones are logical because they function as a logical oppositions within a system. For example someone who acts “insane” is insane through its logical understanding of sanity. Without logic there would be no insanity.

What’s been indicated here by the red line is such a logical system. That came to aid me big time in cases where I could have lost my mind to some other subconscious and fixated program. I’ve been in some weird/existential crisis’s throughout my life. In which doubt engulfed my whole being and it would feel as if I was floating off the edge of the universe. But somehow I managed to always contain myself, and this containing was part of what I now would see as the many processes I perceive within the tree.

The process of healthy thought, is thought that functions through awareness. For example if we would have a nightmare the red line would simply go from body to sub-conscious and to thought (which is only possible in theory). Because there’s no awareness of what is going on. We could also question the feeling aspect because its not directly experienced within your body. It could be experienced merely on sub-conscious level.

To make things more clear, I made another simplified example to show the process. What’s happening in the first two steps is the association with the body. In order for us to have a body we have to perceive one, this perception in its basic form is stored within the sub-conscious. Very primitive life forms function on this level (see 8 circuits). They are a limited body and this body gets supported through its inherited subconscious functions. Depending on the most dominant way of perception we perceive things differently. The – indicates that we operate from within the sub-conscious. This indicates a more feminine aspect, which questions the body, this implies a more introverted orientation. From this position we take the inside out approach, meaning that which is inside is what we perceive outside. The + indicates that we operate from within the body and perceive the subconscious outside of us. This indicates a more masculine aspect, which perceives having a body as more normative, this implies a more extroverted orientation. From this position we would take the outside in approach, meaning that which is outside is what we perceive inside. These are some early stage indication on how the personality function is constructed.

From this position it moves further into the feeling aspect, which is what happens to the perception of self which was established previously. Feelings are the conceptualization of emotions (the sub-conscious). We also perceive to have a body through the sensations we feel within it. If there would be no sensations within the body, there would be be no sense of it and no sense of self. This process gets utilized by thought which is the coming together of emotions and feelings. Emotions by itself are purely instinctual and on a body level. Like I mentioned before, in the case of larval form, such responses are not conceptualized through feelings and thoughts. But directly expressed without the intervention of a thought process. Within human such expression also happen in moments of extremes, for example jumping out of the way of a speeding car.

It is through thought that we are capable of perceiving the self and form self judgments, which are no longer soley bound to emotion (instinctual responses). Here is also where many of us get stuck because we fail to process the thoughts we have, and bring them further into awareness. Which leads to confusion. This happens because we are stuck in a loop of perceiving the self but not capable to go beyond this loop. For example; if I have a low body image, I perceive myself with a low body image but I do not perceive myself perceiving my low body image. The drastic impact of this image stems from feelings, because we feel bad about our low body image. This expresses itself on a sensational level, we fixated on this issue and loop it.

We are being guided by our emotions that generated fear, fear being the body sensations experienced on the body. If we FEEL immobilized or we FEEL down, we do so because it is experienced on a sub-conscious level. We are incapable of perceiving it with awareness which makes us stuck in a loop. If we are doing something or experiencing something which we experience as negative, we can be sure that we are stuck in this phase. We are experiencing a sub-conscious response towards our thought pattern. I talk more about this system in the difference between feeling and emotions.

Depending on our + or – setup (which is not a static nor a solid indication) our problems will be orientated towards more + outside (material/external) issues or – inside (existential/internal) issues.

To get out of such thought patterns is to become conscious about what actually is going on. And this is perceiving our own thought pattern about our self. To become aware, of what is actually happening. On some levels we have no clue about what we’re doing. Then there’s completely no awareness about our thought pattern and it’s completely driven by emotion. In this case the loop is simply there and we are living directly inside of it. There’s no questioning it or actual thought about it, it is simply directly happening to us without reasoning. This is a tough time where we all been many times. When we feel completely stuck within a problem that it immobilizes us (emotional response). There’s almost nothing we can do because we are simply living the issue and the thought pattern keeps on repeating itself. Many times when we look back, which actually is thought with awareness, we find it funny on how it was possible that we could have been stuck in such a loop. This looking back is the process of healthy thought, otherwise called reasoning. In many cases you’ll kind of know what you’re doing but don’t know how to change it. This may indicate that you know what you’re doing but this does not mean that you know the thought pattern behind the “why” you’re doing it. In such a case you have a more open field to explore because you’re not as bound to it as it would be through a full immersion within it.

To actually change or become aware of such patterns is a whole other subjective experience to which there’s no real plan. There are infinite strategies. But for sure it’s a starting point to accept that there’s something going on which you’re not aware of. From that point on you’ll expand upon the awareness. Therefor its a good idea that once you’re in an experience of high emotion that you take the time to breath and relax. After relaxing you’ll have much greater awareness of the situation and are capable of reasoning your next steps. Otherwise you will function from within emotion. Although there are many factors and it’s not always optimal. But given any situation where tensions become too high, if asked to give it some time one should respect such choice. If this choice cannot be respected you can be sure that the other person is stuck in a though loop as well and being driven by emotional response.

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